about us

There, on the shores of winding river Vircava, near its inlet of river Lielupe, lies a guest house “Hotel Senlīči”. For years it has been a home to family Jansoni.

Land, for house building, was bought in 1920 from old Vecsvirlaukas manor land, by Kalnakroga brick tilery director – Jānis Jansons, with his wife Antrīne and their seven children. House was built for the youngest son Edmunds, however 35 square fathoms large, 8 room house was big enough for the whole family. Because of Vircava river meanders, house was named “Līči”.

Around 1963, “Līči” begun growing tomatoes for selling in the city, before that they brought harvest from 40-year old apple orchard to the markets in Majori Jurmala, Riga and Jelgava, as well as cream and cottage cheese.  Tomatoes were grown in field conditions, at highly ambitious scale. “Līči” was one of the first places in Latvia, where tomatoes was grown at industrial scale.

However, today this house is re-build to welcome you, offering comfortable rooms, which will provide respite after a peaceful stroll along the banks of the river or travel by boat “Frida”.

If you’re in mood for some more energetic rest – situated near is the leisure complex “Viesu līči”. Leisure complex has been created for years and is still growing. It belongs to Jansoni family and has been created with a lot of strength and love.  Here you can eat hearty, enjoy an evening walk or let the kids have fun in the leisure field. Want more – please! Captain Artis will provide you with a tour with the ancient boat “Frida” in the waters of the Vircava and Lielupe rivers. We can also offer a “Journey of Munamägi” – ride through the surrounding roads by the historic Jawa motorcycle with a sidecar, just like in the famous Latvian movie “Limousine in the colour of the Midsummer Night”.

River waters might entice anglers as you can park your boat in the leisure complex boat quay. Built swimming places is just the right thing for those who love the water fun.

Everyone will be able to find something special for themselves – from the corners of wilderness to entertaining journey to “Jumping worms” in leisure complex.